Kids Tee’s

2d wants to do good.

2d was born out of desire to communicate the ideas and essential beauty which expresses what’s really important. I wanted a vehicle to promote messages of peace, love, sharing, inner growth, inherent knowledge, personal strength and more. My designs are meant to be fun, sophisticated and simple. What better way to highlight these messages then on children, like when we started, emanating boundless potential, ready for everything. I think my designs speak at an essential level known instantly to children as well as adults.

I am driven to make intelligent, thoughtful and engaging designs that project, reflect and express the best in human potential. I am motivated to create designs that are not “trendy” but timeless. I continue to push myself to create designs that not only appeal to the masses, but satisfy my need as a designer to create good design. I strive to build my designs on a strong conceptual basis, not just a pretty picture. I hope that my messages are communicated in a way that will foster, remind and reinforce what’s good. I hope the message is clear on one level to children and on another level, make people think.

While my shirts are not marketed towards the “warm, fuzzy bunny” loving crowd, I hope they touch everyone in some transcending way, an essential way.

Good tees for good people.

Image of 2d logo design.

Image of 2d slogan— Good Tees for Good People.

Tee Shirt Designs

Picture of various tee shirts with designs on them.