Posters + Banners

SMASH 40th Anniversary Banner 2013-2014

SMASH 40th Anniversary BannerSMASH40thBanner

Poster for March Against Monsanto 2013

March Against Monsanto Poster 2013

Poster for SuperSMASH 2013

SuperSMASH Poster 2013

Website Banner for SuperSMASH 2013

SuperSMASH 2013 web banner

Poster for SuperSMASH 2010

SuperSMASH Poster 2010

Poster for the AIGA

AIGA Poster

Poster for the Santa Monica Twilight Dance Series (proposed)

Santa Monica Twilight Dance Series Poster 2011 (proposed)

Outdoor Banners for SuperSMASH

SuperSMASH outside banner

SuperSMASH Large Outdoor Banner